It's what we do on the daily, free of charge.


Sports & Fitness

Basketball is a connecting point and a frame of reference Heroes Camp uses to engage, instruct, encourage, and ultimately build lasting relationships revolving around Christ.  Come see our Storm Basketball Team in action during the winter season!


the Simcom

The Simcom is short for the Katie P. Simmons Dining Commons.  She is the mother of co-founder, BJ Magley, who has prepared countless meals from and in her home for the Heroes Camp children.  Our newest addition allows us to serve up to 100 people in one setting.  We also use this multi-functional space to offer cooking classes and other life development activities.



Heroes Camp wants to make sure everybody looks as good as they can and not have to worry about the costs.  We love building young men's self-esteem and Godly identity by offering free haircuts.  This is especially helpful for families with multiple children trying to stretch their money.  Volunteers give of their time to assure this services goes forward.  We are always looking for some fresh faces to help out, so if you have the skills please contact us.

Heroes Camp December 2015-48.JPG

Arts, Music & Media

Live recording with audio & video.  Outfitted with professional equipment the studio has everything needed to make a product happen.  Teaming up with Guitar Center, HC offers classes learning Pro Tools, the industry standard software for recording artist.  There is also a backdrop green screen for making videos that stand out.  The Studio @ HC also coordinates and holds dance sessions for young men.


Bible Studies

Tailor made to hit home these Bible studies are engaging and Biblically sound.  It is our desire to present the love of Jesus, teach Biblical lessons and how to turn to God's Word for answers in their daily life.  There are 3 ordained Pastors on staff who minister the word every single day.