“These are the greatest athletes in the world, but none of them died for you.  Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the light.”

This is the statement that was plastered across the wall of Heroes Camp’s first gym.  In the spring of 1989, Pat Magley told kids on the street, “if you can beat me one-on-one in a game of basketball, I’ll buy you a brand new pair of sneakers of your choice” The next Saturday morning there were over 60 kids outside the first Heroes Camp on 320 W. Jefferson Street. Now that he had captured the attention, Pat would used the opportunity to begin to talk to them like a father would. He would address issues such as hygiene, identity, leadership, self-control, conflict management, and respect.  Tagged team with his wife BJ in their apartment as she would make home cooked meals Pat would be leading these young men in Bible studies and life talks. Afterwards they would have work outs and basketball games. Gradually through sports, food, talks, and a whole lot a love these children began to see and even call Pat and BJ mom and dad. 

Almost 30 years later Heroes Camp is one of the largest ministries for youth in the area.  Now in a facility housing three basketball courts, a kitchen, locker rooms, a studio, and yes even a barbershop Heroes Camp helps young men embrace fathering and their Heavenly father through sports. 

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The Heroes Camp Team


Pat & BJ Magley


Visionaries &

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Gary McCallum

Senior Pastoral Staff


Gwen Turner

Kitchen & Grounds Manager


PJ & Kelly Perri

Directors of Operations
& Development


Jaraan Cornell

Program Coordinator



The best are here!

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