Our Story

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You would hear it called as another player got beat. "NEXT!"  Many would step up to the challenge of playing Pat Magley one-on-one but would soon find themselves on the bench like the rest of them.  Never leaving anyone discouraged Pat would then use his gift of basketball to form relationships with youth for the ultimate purpose of introducing them to Christ the One who saved his own life from one of drugs and recklessness.  Sure no one ever claimed a pair of shoes for beating Pat man-to-man, but that did not stop him from giving away shoes when he saw the need.  In fact he would give away anything if he saw someone was lacking.  His family would come home to find furniture missing.  His wife already knew what had happened and loved the heart of this father to the fatherless and supported him and still to this day are on board making sure he has the ability to do all that is within him.  Using their own apartment at the time, eating meals while discussing God's plans Heroes Camp had begun to take shape.  Nearly 30 years later HC is one of the largest youth ministries in the area.

 (Go ahead and challenge Coach Jaraan for the same deal)

This video's footage is from the previous location of Heroes Camp when it was housed in a warehouse on the south side of South Bend. This is an old episode of the harvest show. You will enjoy seeing some old faces and shots to remember or if never been there to see where we came from.