Equipping young men to be champions on and off the court.


Building Champions.

Equipping young men to be champions on and off the court.


Our Mission

Provide a Godly example of what a father is to look like and help alleviate the pressures of the single parent household.

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Our Impact

Slow & steady.  We take our time to make sure we have a lasting impression on those we serve.  Most problems do not occur overnight nor are their solutions.  Our approach is realistic that it takes a generation or two of consistency to provide assurance and an answer that will have positive long term implications.  

The HC effect.... those that grew up without fathers we watch father their own.



Million Children without fathers

This stats is only for children in America living without their dad's in the household.  It is a world-wide problem.



Years Serving communities

Consistency is key.  Working with the community to see continued success.



Thousand children Impacted

The number keeps growing, but the message stays the same,  God loves you!


Our Programs

We want to create an environment that will ultimately lead people to Christ and living a godly lifestyle.


Sports & Fitness


Arts, Music, & Media


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October 2017

This place is not just changing lives, they are changing the whole family tree!

Board Member Michael Kyler



Get Involved

We'd like to meet you!  The best way to see what we do and if it's a fit for you is to come experience Heroes Camp first hand.  We think it will be love at first sight. 

Everybody needs a Hero.



Come and See.  We'd love to have a minute of your time to see how we can partner with you whether your looking to sign up or interested in partnering.


Pat Magley has spoken across the country in a variety of venues with a powerful and dynamic results.  To inquire or to get on the books look here.

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Every day all year round youth receive a meal, Bible Study, and exercise free of charge.  A safe place to grow in God's Word.